Uruguay – Russia, 25 June 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Uruguay – Russia, 25 June 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup

The National Team Of Uruguay

There is nothing strange in the fact that most bookmakers believe the "sky blue" favorites of group A. the Team Oscar Tabares confidently began preparing for the 2018 world Cup, beating in the spring friendlies teams of the Czech Republic (2-0) and Wales (1:0). Yes, and there is little doubt that in the first official match at the world Cup, the Uruguayans will yield to the representatives of Egypt or Saudi Arabia. So face to face battle with the hosts of the tournament, Suarez, Cavani and their colleagues will likely fit in a great mood.

Team Russia

One can only hope that the excessive confidence of Uruguayans, or even underestimation of the opponent will play a cruel joke with them. Perhaps the beginning of the third round of the group stage, the team from South America will decide the issue out in the playoffs and give rest to his key players. But the coaching staff of the Russians would be foolish to count on it. It is better to rely on their own strength, to enter the field of Samara Arena and fight, like last time. Perhaps with the support of the home fans the team something will come out. And then we should look to the failures of the competitors, and they lost points...


In the "small final" of group A will meet the favourites of the Quartet and the hosts of the 2018 world Cup. And, as it did not want to believe in the victory of the Russian team, the chances of a positive outcome for the team under the leadership of Cherchesov minimal. And this is without considering problems with the composition... So let's be realistic. Our forecast – P1. Although in my heart all the true fans of the Russian team are ready to believe in miracles and the victory of his team.

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