Valencia – Krasnodar on 7 March 2019


Valencia – Krasnodar on 7 March 2019

Krasnodar and Zenit will play in the 1/8 finals of the LE against the Spanish club. The bulls will face Valencia. Who will be stronger in the first part of the fight of the two teams? Official bookmakers of the Russian Federation believe that more chances to win the representatives of Spain. However, let's look at the statistics of the clubs, and then try to predict the outcome of their meeting.


In last season's La Liga "Bats" finished in the top four. But the current draw for them would be a real disaster. Fifteen draws and six wins and four defeats after twenty five games. Only thirty-three points and, as a result, the ninth position. Very, very bad.

In the Europa League Valencia came once took third place in the Champions League group, behind Juventus and Manchester United. And time to adapt wards Marcelino is not needed. In February, they dealt with Celtic, beating him with a total score of 3:0. An impressive result.


The Bulls (fourth place at the end of last season) has all the chances to win gold RPL. After the autumn part, they are second behind Zenit just one point. Quite possibly, the team of Oleg Fomenko wish to focus on the domestic championship. But this does not mean that she will not compete in 1/8 of the Europa League.

In February, the Krasnodar dealt with the German Bayer in the one-sixteenth-final LE. But only thanks to a goal on the road (0:0, 1:1). And now the Russian club will face another serious opponent.


Still, no matter how sad to realize that all fans of Krasnodar, home of the Valencia more chances to win. Our forecast is for a home win or draw. The second option would be good for the Bulls.

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