Croatia – England, July 11, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Croatia – England, July 11, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Hardly anyone from the leading bookmakers before the tournament could assume that the team Zlatko Delica get to the semifinal stage. However, they succeeded. And in far not the most simple group, the Croats managed to gain nine points from a possible nine, confidently deal with Nigeria (2:0), Argentina (3:0) and Iceland (2:1).

But then "Chess" a little burned out. At least the match of one-eighth against the Danes, they looked not so great. But the Croats managed to deal with the Scandinavians on penalties. Before the football lottery it came in the semifinal match with the Russians, where Modric and company were stronger than the hosts of the tournament.


The team from Albion, many experts have called one of the most pragmatic team in this world Cup. They performed well in the group after beating Tunisia (2:1), beating Panama (6:1) and almost deliberately losing the Belgians (0:1) in the third round. Not too shabby in terms of fair play, but tactically smart. So the British managed to get into the weaker part of a tournament grid. But Belgium recovered to fight with Brazil and France.

The wards of Southgate in the eighth was nearly eliminated from the Colombians, beating them in a penalty shootout. And it is very good for team morale, because the world Cup they have never won the football lottery. And then the British without any problems dealt with the Swedes – 2:0.


No matter how well did not look at this tournament, the Croats, but the British are objectively stronger. So we propose to put on the finals of the British team.

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