Croatia – Azerbaijan on 21 March 2019


Croatia – Azerbaijan on 21 March 2019

In the first round of selection for EURO 2020 will be an encounter between Croatia and Azerbaijan. Will the outsider of the group E to take home at least a draw? Official bookmakers frankly do not believe in a positive outcome for guests. And not only that they will face the Vice champion of the world. And even with the support of their fans. But about all under the order.


"Checkers" is not the first time to participate in qualifying for major international tournaments as a favorite. Still, this team did very well at the last Euros in France. Although she lost in the eighth, but the future Champions, and that is minimal in extra time. And for the 2018 world Cup in Russia, Croatia and even competed for the Cup, but was limited to just silver.

The problem for Zlatko Delica may lie in only one. Several key age of the performers after the world Cup decided to finish his career in the national team. And not the fact that young people will be able to fully replace them. After all, the League of Nations, where Croatia lost to England and Spain, which left the elite division, demonstrated the presence of decay in-game "Flaming"...

The National Team Of Azerbaijan

But this team never in its history did not Shine in major tournaments. And in the first draw of the League of Nations she was not able to leave the D division, after losing the battle for the first place team of Kosovo. And despite the fact that also in group with Azerbaijan was the Faroe Islands and Malta...

Will the underdog to prove themselves in the selection for EURO 2020? Find out very soon.


In our opinion, in this match in order. Still too much of a difference in class between the teams. Forecast – a victory of Croats. And won't except defeat.

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