Juventus – Atletico M 12 Mar 2019


Juventus – Atletico M 12 Mar 2019

One of the most anticipated matches of the one-eighth Champions League will be held in Italy. Turin's Juventus prepare to meet Atletico Madrid. One of them will get a ticket to the quarterfinals? Leading bookmakers as the favorite to win in the game think of the owners. But will they have enough strength and luck to regain two goals? Our forecast for the outcome of the match and two-match confrontation in General is waiting for you below.


Champion Series And virtually guaranteed to defend the title this year. But otherwise, if after twenty-five rounds Juventus is still unbeaten (twenty-two wins and three draws), and ahead of Napoli (at the moment second team) on thirteen points? And let's not forget about the players who are available to coach Massimiliano Allegri. After all, these are the real stars.

If the domestic competition from Juventus full order, in the Champions League Juventus is having problems after the first February match. But more on that later. Let's talk about the opponent of the Italians.

Atletico Madrid

The team Simeone also doing well in the League. Vice-champion at the beginning of March retains second place, losing only to Barcelona. However, neighbors and real gradually sneak up on Atletico. But still "Creamy" and "Red-white" will still have to expend energy on the Champions League.

"Plans" have long established themselves as a tenacious and uncompromising team. Which also plays better in the playoffs than in the long run. This "Cup" team has all the chances to reach the quarter-finals.


In the first match of 1/8 they defended very well in his field and did not allow Ronaldo and company to create something intelligible at the gate. But wards Simeon in the end of the sunTracy scored two goals. And now you can sit in the defense, relying on lightning-quick counterattacks. So our forecast of N2. And further passage atlético.

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