Salzburg – Napoli March 14, 2019


Salzburg – Napoli March 14, 2019

Who is more worthy spots in the quarter-finals LE: Salzburg or Napoli? The official bookmakers of Russia has not yet been determined. And what a regular bettors? It is time for a prediction from the editors Last week, the Italian club confidently defeated the Austrians. And now they need to win back three goals. Whether it is capable of Red bull? Let's deal.


For the Bulls the question of the protection of a title of the champion of Austria has already been removed. They have to play only one match. And the separation from the nearest pursuer – Weasel – is nine points. The time last year's semifinalist LE focus on this European competition.

Here are just wards of Marco rose very fortunate to have one of the eighth to come across such a serious opponent as Napoli. In Italy Salzburg lost 3:0. But not so long ago the Austrians scored at home four unanswered goals to this club like Bruges. Why not again create such a miracle for their fans?


Team Carlo Ancelotti keen to win this season, at least one trophy. Only to take gold in the Series And she is definitely not allow Juventus. But the second place in "Partenopei" is unlikely to take Milan or inter. It's time to focus on the Europa League?

It seems that the players Napoli have done it already. In one sixteenth of final of the LE they have left no stone unturned in Zurich. Now surely overcame Salzburg. The ticket to the quarterfinals already the Italians?


Most likely the Austrians will overcome guests at Red bull Arena. Our forecast – P1. That's only if they had enough of this victory for the exit in ¼ LE?

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