Bellator 201: ilima-Lei MacFarlane vs Alejandra Lara


Bellator 201: ilima-Lei MacFarlane vs Alejandra Lara

The last June event from Bellator held a few impressive fights. But the title of them will be the battle of two beautiful ladies – Ilima-Lei MacFarlane and Alejandra Lara. The girls have to fight each other for the Flyweight belt women's weight, which now owns ilima-Lei. So what you need to know about the coming confrontation?

Where and when?

The event is from the second biggest American promotion will be held on the twenty-ninth of June, in the arena Pechanga Resort and Casino. It is located in Temecula, which is located in the U.S. state of California.

Domestic MMA fans should remember the time difference. If you wish to witness the live broadcast, note that it will begin Moscow time approximately four am Saturday, the thirtieth of June.

Comparison of competitors

- Old MacFarlane, nicknamed the Ilimanator came into the octagon as a professional in 2014. Since then she has played seven matches (six of them in Bellator) and never knew the bitterness of defeat. While four fights a native of Hawaii, finished ahead of schedule thanks to submisson.

Last time in the cage ilima-Lei came in third last November, the rematch against Emily Ducote. And the current European champion for the second time overcame the famous athlete, now is not a judicial decision, and after suffocating reception in the fifth round.

But twenty-four Alejandra Lara already familiar with the bitterness of defeat. Although as a Pro she'd carried out one fight more. On account of the Columbine eight games, seven wins and one loss. Three times she sent opponents in the knockout, three more finished fights early with Sabinov and only once rejoiced in his triumph after the judges scored it.

It is noteworthy that this is only the second fight Lara after parechaga in Bellator. In the previous match, which took place on the ninth of December last year, she defeated Lena, stand out due to the suffocating reception in the back.

Words before the fight

Both girls positively looking forward and hope to please the audience a good and entertaining fight. Ilima-Lei told reporters that while he was not ready to part with the championship belt. She feels that it's time to say goodbye has not yet come.

But Alejandra sure has earned not only a title fight, but win it. Though she knows with whom she will have to fight, and does not expect an easy walk in Temecula. Who future opponents right and who's wrong, we'll find out very soon.

Ilima-Lei MacFarlane vs Alejandra Lara: bookmakers

Most bookmakers believe the chances of both girls in the title are approximately equal. But we are confident in the victory of the current champion. It is in excellent shape and not much older than Lara. Even the experience of the opponent are almost equal. Here are just a ilima-Lei has a lot more fights back in this promotion that may well play into her hands, ceteris paribus. And the venue of the fight says that support will be there that is American. As a result, our forecast – a victory MacFarlane and save her title.

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