Demetrius Johnson vs ray Borg

Fans of mixed martial arts in the early autumn waiting several hot conflicts. Some of them will be held as part of the UFC 215. And it's not only about a rematch of Amanda Nunes, and Valentina Shevchenko. Another key match of the event will be the meeting of Johnson and Borg.

Where and when?

Meet one of the best representatives misfit Flyweight in the upcoming UFC 215, which will take the located in Canada Edmonton. The event will take place in the arena, Rogers place. An event will occur very soon – ninth of September local time (in Russia at that time already comes tenth).

Comparison rivals

On account of the thirty years of Johnson over a ten-year MMA career twenty-six victories. Most of them (fifteen) ended prematurely (in ten opponents of Demetrius and had to give up). The growth of the "Mighty" only a hundred and sixty centimeters. That, however, is not surprising for its weight.

Twenty-four Borg is a compatriot of his future opponent and three inches of its superior growth. But the number of wins the contender for the title yet far to of Demetrius – for his five-year career, ray has won all eleven times (once by knockout) and has lost a couple of times.

In fairness it should be noted that at this point Borg is among the three best fighters in his weight class. And lose to it either early in his career, or more years ago. So an American looks quite decent as a contender for the championship belt.

Words before the fight

Experienced Johnson not for a moment doubt in his victory. He has repeatedly had to defend the title. And, according to him, he is ready to do it SNOVA and again.

A younger and perhaps far more pretentious Borg hunting in no way yield to your opponent. At least before the release of both opponents in the octagon. Judging by an interview with ray before the upcoming confrontation, he was ready to conquer the long-awaited belt. But the guy respects his opponent and is confident that it's just the title he did not give up.

While Borg is aware that it is in the UFC 215 he has the best chance to reach the elite MMA. If not now, later may be too late, despite its relatively young age. Too many talented fighters appeared in the Flyweight division over the last couple of years.

Demetrius Johnson vs ray Borg: bookmakers

But the majority of experts, together with leaders of the BC considered the clear favorite of the upcoming confrontation that is Borg. There is little doubt in his victory. As eloquently ratio on it: 1.13-1.15. To bet that Johnson will defend the belt, with "kafam" around 6.00. Also most of the bookmakers are confident that the fight will end prematurely. But the ghostly draw domestic and foreign offices is evaluated with odds 70.00.




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