How and where to bet on World Cup CHM2018. Schedule, odds, bookmakers

Ставки, расписание, коэффициенты на чемпионат мира по футболу 2018. Все, что нужно знать о предстоящем первенстве

How and where to bet on World Cup CHM2018. Schedule, odds, bookmakers

The main football of the holiday remains very little time. Determined the majority of the participants of the tournament, which will be held in Russia. It's time to pick favorites and make bets. But what else do you need to know about the championship before heading to the bookie?

The final of the 2018 world Cup will be held in Russia since the fourteenth of June to the fifteenth of July next year. However, our country for the first time host the FIFA world Cup. Moreover, previously the world's major football tournament was conducted in any of the States of Eastern Europe.


Since mid-June, all the attention of football fans, including fans of sports betting will be confined to the world football championship, held in Russia. Each bookie will offer in its lines the opportunity to participate in the betting for the championship game.

Choosing a bookmaker for the game, it is advisable to make a choice in favor of the legitimate companies with the necessary degree of reliability in the provision of services. With them you can not worry about that one "perfect moment" access to the site bookmaker will be blocked and the account is lost.

If to speak about the most promising offers on the market, you should pay attention on BC 1хСтавка and Leon, different from the competition elevated ratios and the minimum margin. Decent offer and other firms licensed to operate in the Internet.

To your predictions were even more accurate and objective, in our site you you will find detailed reviews of all upcoming matches of the world championship and expert predictions regarding forthcoming outcomes.

Before the World Championship on football of 2018 left

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The matches of the championship will be held in eleven Russian cities. Live game the best players on the planet, fans will be able to see:
In Moscow, in "Luzhniki" (capacity: eighty-one thousand fans) and "Open Arena", home stadium of Spartak, which seats forty-five thousand fans.

All predictions for world Cup 2018

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Thu. 14 Jun
Saudi Arabia
P1 - - Read more
PT. 15 Jun
P2 - - football" a href="prognozy/futbol/egipet-urugvaj-15-iyunya-2018-prognoz-i-stavki-na-chm-po-futbolu">Read more
PT. 15 Jun
P2 - - Read more
PT. 15 Jun
P2 - - Read more
France Australia P1 - -  Read more
SB. 16 Jun Peru Denmark P1 -  -  Read more
SB. 16 Jun Argentina Iceland -  -  Read more
SB. 16 Jun Croatia Nigeria TM2.5 - -  Read more
Sun. 17 Jun Costa Rica Serbia P1 - -
Sun. 17 Jun Brazil Switzerland P1 - -  Read more
Sun. 17 Jun Germany Mexico P1 - -  Read more
Mon. June 18  Sweden The Republic Of Korea P1 - - Read more
Mon. 18 Jun Belgium Panama P1 - - Read more
Mon. 18 Jun Tunisia England P2 lass="team-result__game">- - Read more
W. 19 Jun Poland Senegal P1 - - Read more
W. 19 Jun Colombia Japan TM2.5 - - Read more
Russia Egypt TM2.5 - - Read more
CP. 20 Jun Portugal Morocco P1 - - Read more
CP. 20 Jun Uruguay Saudi Arabia - - Read more
CP. 20 Jun Iran Spain P2 - -  Read more
Thu. 21 Jun Denmark Australia P1 - -
Thu. 21 Jun France Peru Total over 2.5 -  -  Read more
Thu. 21 Jun Argentina Croatia P1 - - Read more
Brazil Costa Rica P1 -  - Read more
PT. 22 Jun Nigeria Iceland P2 - - Read more
PT. 22 Jun Serbia Switzerland - -  Read more
SB. 23 Jun Belgium Tunisia P1 - - Read more
SB. 23 Jun The Republic Of Korea Mexico P2 - -
SB. 23 Jun Germany Sweden P1 - - Read more
Sun. 24 Jun England Panama P1 - -  Read more
Sun. 24 Jun > Japan Senegal P2 - - Read more
Sun. 24 Jun Poland Colombia Total over 2.5 - - Read more
Mon. 25 Jun Uruguay Russia P1 ="team-result__game">- - Read more
Mon. 25 Jun Saudi Arabia Egypt P2 - - Read more
Mon. 25 Jun Iran Portugal P2 - - CheatAMB fully
Mon. 25 Jun Spain Morocco P1 - - Read more
W. 26 Jun Denmark France Total over 2.5 - -  Read more
W. 26 Jun Australia Perung> P2 - - Read more
W. 26 Jun Nigeria Argentina P2 - - Read more
W. 26 Jun Iceland Croatia Total over 2.5 - -
CP. 27 Jun Serbia Brazil P2 - - Read more
CP. 27 Jun Switzerland Costa Rica P1 - - Read more
CP. 27 Jun d> The Republic Of Korea Germany P2 - - Read more
CP. 27 Jun Mexico Sweden P1 - - Read more
Thu. 28 Jun Japan Poland P2 g>- - Read more
Thu. 28 Jun Senegal Colombia P2 - - Read more
Thu. 28 Jun England Belgium Total over 2.5 - - "prognozy/futbol/angliya-belgiya-28-iyunya-2018-prognoz-i-stavki-na-chm-po-futbolu">Read more
Thu. 28 Jun Panama Tunisia P2 - - Read more

News around the soccer world Cup 2018

On our website you will find all important information about the upcoming world Championships. You don't have to browse through hundreds of sources to find information about changes to the coaching staff, as players of a particular team, as well as other factors that could influence the outcome of the next match in the 2018 world Cup. All that interested any fan or expert, will find in this section of our site. You just have to closely monitor news updates. And then you will be aware of all the events related to the world Cup in Russia.

Behind the scenes of the draw of the World Cup in 2018?
Behind the scenes of the draw of the World Cup in 2018?
What else will be remembered to the world the draw for the 2018 world Cup?
2018 world Cup: Russia has the weakest group?
2018 world Cup: Russia has the weakest group?
Russian team again lucky?
The world championship on football of 2018: List of participants
The world championship on football of 2018: List of participants
That became known to all the participants of the upcoming world Cup.
Bet on the 2018 world Cup: draw results
Bet on the 2018 world Cup: draw results
A preview of the group in the final part of the 2018 world Cup football?

all news world Cup world Cup 2018




Participating countries

At the time of this writing, the final part broke twenty-three national teams of Russia on the rights of the owners and another twenty-two teams through the qualifying tournament. They were representatives of the following representatives of Europe: French, Portuguese, Serbs, Icelanders, poles, Spaniards, British, Germans and Belgians. In addition to the 2018 world Cup will come to Brazil, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Egypt, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and Panama.

The remaining participants will be determined in the near future. For example, four teams who will travel to Russia from Europe, will be determined after the matches play-offs, scheduled for the ninth and twelfth of November.

The participants of the 2018 world Cup football

Group "A"

  • Uruguay. Hispanic deservedly tipped for first place in the group. Against their rivals they compare favorably squad, especially in attack.
  • Russia. The home team able to fight for qualifying from the group, but their chances are slightly higher than the Egyptians, especially the team lost a few defenders.
  • Egypt. From rival might not seem serious, but today's Egypt is quite efficient, and most importantly trained team with their superstar in the lineup, so the "pharaohs" are optimistic about their prospects.
  • Saudi Arabia. Asians without problems left ands in their qualifying group, but are considered as one of the outsiders of the tournament, so their exit from the group is unlikely.

Group "B"

  • Spain. One of the strongest teams of our time, with an excellent selection of performers. The Spaniards should not just leave the group, but also to fight for the championship.
  • Portugal. The current European Champions did not show enchanting game, but the result show. In their group, Portugal should be at least second place.
  • Morocco. The last time the Moroccans participated in the world Championships back in 98-m to year, and now they have got quite a nice team. To qualify for the 1/8 it will be very difficult, but they will fight.
  • Iran. Asians were not very confident selection in the last round, ahead of Uzbekistan, and against these rivals and remains the only stretch in every game, relying on the strength defense and luck.

Group "C"

  • France. First place in the group, the French virtually guaranteed. The strongest team under the leadership of Deschamps is able to claim the title, albeit in the qualifying tournament, sometimes there were also failures.
  • Denmark. In Russia, the Danes made their way through the play-offs, but that does not detract from the merits of a serious team with Eriksen in the squad. Denmark is considered the main candidate for 2nd place.
  • Peru. Most of the Peruvian players not yet born when their team last played at the world Championships. The current membership of Russia will fight for the second monththen, even take it will be very difficult.
  • Australia. The team is recognized by the outsider of the Quartet, but this will not prevent the representatives of the "green continent" to try to impose struggle rivals and take points.

Group "D"

  • Argentina. The team has some problems, but the level of the individual performers makes to put "albiceleste" in the first place in the group and the fight for the medals of the championship.
  • Croatia. Having a wonderful set of performers, the Croats themselves have come up with difficulty in the qualifying group. Their chances of second place is preferable to opponents, but the place in the playoffs is not guaranteed.
  • Iceland. The tale "the Vikings" continues. Sensation Euro 2016 selected for the world championship with the first line (ahead of Croatia), therefore, record the Icelanders in the outsiders is not necessary.
  • Nigeria. Strong African team regularly participates in the world Championships. Nigeria is not the favorite to top the group, but the fight for first two places will be 100%.

Group "E"

  • Brazil. The team had just destroyed the opponents in the qualifying tournament and is in excellent condition. Today it is No. 1 among the candidates for the title, and the leaving group is not even raised.
  • Switzerland. Strong on all counts the team competing for the second place in the group, but it will have to seriously compete in each of the three mandatory championship game.
  • Serbia. BalkanskaI country has always been rich in talents and today, they managed to unite a strong team, winning their qualifying group. Reaching the 1/8-finals for the Serbs is very real.
  • Costa Rica. The team no one takes seriously, but four years ago she was in the same situation and became the leader of the strongest group and got to the eight of the strongest. Why not repeat that success.

Group "F"

  • Germany. Favorite any championship the last 70 years. If necessary, the Germans brought to Russia three competitive structure. Absence from the group's current champion is not even considered, and return without a medal will be a failure.
  • Mexico. Starting with the 1994 world Cup, Mexico always stops in 1/8-final, that is, each time out from the group. There is every chance that in the current year, though the opponents do not agree.
  • Sweden. The Scandinavians are different athletic football, which is not surprising given their natural anthropometry. In the first place can not count, but to compete with the Mexicans for second place they can.
  • South Korea. The current generation of Koreans to Shine on the world stage, and rely on the pass in the playoffs it is very difficult, but there is no doubt that easy life in the game with them, not anyone.

Group "G"

  • England. At every tournament, the British are among the favorites, but they successfully take off in the early stages. This time out of the group considering the rivals is guaranteed, but the far vague.
  • Belgium. To get out of the group Belgium is required. ComaNDA, made up of players from leading European clubs are able to claim for medals, but everything will depend on the level of command of the actions of the Europeans.
  • Tunisia. Among all the representatives of Africa, got to the championship, this team is the weakest, and fight against the representatives of Europe, chances it frankly not.
  • Panama. The team sensationally knocked out in the selection of Americans. In Panama will be a holiday only from the presence (for the first time in history) on such a meaningful event, and the result has little value.

Group "H"

  • Colombia. In the group without a clear favorite Latinos look more convincing as player selection, and quality display of football. To access the 1/8-finals that should be enough.
  • Poland. The poles are quite able to claim the exit from the group. Some strong performers, and demonstrating the level of football is quite serious.
  • Senegal. Of African teams are strong enough players, so they are quite capable out of the group, as they managed to do during his debut 16 years ago.
  • Japan. Asian team will be difficult to fight for qualifying from the group, but a strong difference in class there, so to exclude this possibility 100% is impossible.

Rules and regulations

The first of December will be held the draw for the finals of the championship that the teams will be divided into eight groups. Distributed in the basket all participants will be according to their position in the FIFA rankings from sixteenth October this year.

Two best representative of each of the quartets will make it to 1/8 finals. From this phase teams will play on the flight up to the main match of the championship, which will take place on the fifteenth of July, in "Luzhniki". And the match for third place will be held for the fourteenth of July in Saint-Petersburg.

Favorites and underdogs

Almost all the leading bookmakers are confident that much success on the 2018 world Cup definitely won't achieve the national teams of Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica and Panama. But it is not yet known who will join the already released in the final part of the teams, so the list of outsiders can be expanded.
And among the obvious contenders, experts see Germany, Belgium, England, Spain and Brazil. It is possible that to compete with them will be the Argentines, the Portuguese and the French.

The ranking of the best betting companies in Russia 2018 will help to make a successful bet on the world Cup 2018