How where to bet on World Cup of hockey in 2018. Schedules, predictions, odds bookmakers

Чемпионат мира по хоккею 2018. Все, что нужно знать о предстоящем первенстве

How where to bet on World Cup of hockey in 2018. Schedules, predictions, odds bookmakers

Although the main hockey tournament will take place only next year, experienced betteri know what to gather information about him now. Of course, if you want as quickly as possible to determine the favorites and put them on the victory with the highest odds. So what you need to know about the 2018 world Cup today?

Where and when?

Eighty-second world championship for the first time in its history will host Denmark. His matches will be held from the fourth to the twentieth day of may, 2018. Duels will take the sixteen best teams of the world "Royal arena" of Copenhagen, containing twelve and a half thousand fans, and the sports complex "Jyske-Bank-boxen" in Herning, which can accommodate twelve thousand people.

Before the World hockey Championship 2018 left

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Participating countries

In the final stage of the championship made it thirteen from Europe, two teams from North ameriKi and one Asian. Overall sixteen teams, among which the rights of the owners took his place by the Danes, and released from the first division, the Austrians and South Koreans divided into two groups of eight teams each:

  1. In the Quartet And for an exit in the playoffs will battle Belarusian, French, Austrians, Slovaks, the Swiss, the Czechs, the Swedes and the Russians.
  2. In group B the forces between them have to compete to Canadians, Americans, Finns, South Koreans, Germans, Norwegians, Latvians and Danes.

The participants of the 2018 world Cup hockey

Hockey fans are more interested in the upcoming world hockey championship, which is in 2018, the year will be held at the hockey grounds of Denmark in the period 4-20 may. In total, the victory will usually fight 16 teams for the start divided into two groups.

Group "A"

  • Russia. No. 2 in the rankings. The most titled team of the world Championships, with 27 gold medals, at the same time is also the current holder of the Olympic gold in Korea. It is not surprising that the Russians consider the main contenders for victory. The last four years, the results of the national team going to the world Championships in downlink – "gold" in 2014, silver in 2015-the year and two "bronze" the last two tournaments. On the other hand is a medal four years in a row.

  • Sweden. No. 3 in the rankings. The Nordic team a couple of times in its history celebrated "Victoria" at the Olympics and 10 times won the world Championships. Last the Swedes have achieved such a success last year, so for them the forthcoming championship is special, demanding not to conquer, but to defend the title. And the composition and quality of team play allows Sweden to again claim victory.
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  • Czech Republic. No. 5 in the rankings. The days of Jaromir Jagr and left behind as a resounding victory 6-time world Champions and past Olympians of the twentieth century, but to ignore the strong Czechs not worth it. The last time medals the Czech Republic has got quite a long time already in 2012-m year, but it is for them a great incentive to remind myself the world hockey community.

  • Switzerland. No. 8 in the rankings. For many years the Swiss were among the average people, but in recent years they gradually occupy an intermediate position between the leaders and the rest of the crowd. Suffice it to say that the team often makes its way into the quarter-finals of the world Championships, and in 2013 mm year achieved its biggest success in history, returning home with silver medals from the world championship.

  • Belarus. No. 11 in the rankings. A typical middle acting elite since the mid 2000-ies. In 2014-2015, the Belarusians have twice qualified to the quarterfinals, but in the next two seasons the team was much closer to relegation than reaching the play-offs. At the Olympics the last time the team played in 2010-m to year without much success.

  • Slovakia. No. 10 in the rankings. At the beginning of the XXI century Slovakia claimed the status of a regular favorite, even after becoming world champion in 2002-m to year, and the remaining third a year later. Then the results went down, and the 2012 tournament year with bronze medals was the last major success. Since then, the Slovaks even in the quarter-finals are not always, in some years openly fighting for the preservation of a place in the elite.

  • France. No. 12 in the rankings. The peak of success, French hockey still fell in the 20-ies of the last century. In recent decades, the team does not possess the results and their year to year solves the problem of saving residence in the elite division, with success. In recent years, France has only once failed to get into the top eight at the world Championships.

  • Austria. No. 17 in the rankings. The Austrians have extensive experience of playing at the highest level, but this whole experience is negative. Any attempt to gain a foothold in division "A" ends for Austria for the last 15 years the last place in the group and ride back to the second division. With high probability the situation will repeat and this year.

Group "B"

  • Canada. No. 1 in the rankings. The assets of the canadian national team all-time is 9 wins Olympic teams and 26 top-flight titles at the world Championships. The founders of hockey in any tournament arrive as favourites, and the upcoming 2018 world Cup in Denmark is no exception. Taking into account the formation of the greater part of the team of NHL players, the national team is considered the main applicant for a victory.

  • Finland. No. 4 in the rankings. The last time the Finns won in 2011 year, and only in their two victories, but after that it was another two silver medals in 2014 and 2016. The team always goes into the playoffs of the championship and is positioned as one of the main candidates for medals.

  • USA. No. 6 in the rankings. For Americans hockey much less attention than their neighbors, but this does not prevent the team to have a strong composition, regularly making their way to the second round of the world Championships and vying for medals. To get to the top it turns out infrequently, and for the last ten years, the United States had only two bronze medals.

  • Germany. No. 7 in the rankings. One of theher progressive teams in recent years. The Germans not only started to frequently get into the top eight at the world Championships, for example, the last two years in a row, but has loudly declared itself at the Olympics, becoming the second and only a minute Nidderau victory in the final game.

  • Norway. No. 9 in the rankings. The team refers to the number of middle peasants of the championship. At every tournament level game is higher than just the struggle for survival, but also from the group the Scandinavians have managed to go only once, in 2011-m to year. Basically her destiny 10-11 place of the championship.

  • Latvia. No. 13 in the rankings. A strong middle class world Championships. Latvians have not left the group at the world Championships, most recently in 2009-m year, but the departure of the team it is not conducted. Last year the Baltic States rounded out the top ten.

  • Denmark. No. 14 in the rankings. The hosts of this championship at the highest level play only the last 15 years, while in recent years there has been some progress, for example, in 2016-m to year the Danes reached the quarter-finals. During home stands the same goal the team this year.

  • South Korea. No. 18 in the rankings. For Koreans this is the first participation in the tournament of this level, so it will be very, very difficult. The team is only the experience of the last Olympics, but he showed the weakness of the existing possibilities. To stay in the elite of Asians have "to jump above a head".

How where to bet on World Cup of hockey in 2018. Schedules, predictions, odds bookmakers

The ice hockey world championship event is non-trivial, which will be covered by all bookmakers. Kafir of them to stop to enjoy to make bets on the upcoming games of the tournament.

First, is to use only the official bookmakers, licensed the right of accepting bets online. Thus, you protect yourself from unscrupulous market participants, and can not worry about what the Sportsbook site will be blocked and will cease to exist.

Secondly, you should choose firm, offering a wide variety of markets with a large number of options for bets and play the odds. Overall a decent line for the matches of the world championship have without exception of BK, and the best odds can be found in the offices 1хСтавка and Leon.

Predictions on the upcoming games of the world hockey championship and the most likely results you can always learn on the pages of our website. Experienced analysts will share their opinions, so your bets are more accurate and financial success.

All forecasts for the world hockey championship in 2018

>A complete overview and forecast r;"> team-result__vs" style="text-align: center;"> Switzerland ult__score" style="text-align: center;">- d class="team-result__fouls" style="text-align: center;">P1 ame-overview" style="text-align: center;">Read more ">Norway lt__date" style="text-align: center;">Thu. May 10 <td class="team-result__vs" style="text-align: center;">Republic of Korea esult__score" style="text-align: center;">- d class="team-result__date" style="text-align: center;">Sat. May 12 center;">P2 align: center;">P1
Date The owners Guests Forecast Odds Account
PT. 4 may



P1 1.17 - Read more
PT. 4 may



P1 1.16 - Read more
PT. 4 may



P2 4.49 - Read more
PT. 4 may



P1 2.46 - Read more
SB. 5 may Austria P1 1.37 - Read more
SB. 5 may France Belarus ТБ4.5 1.96 - Read more
SB. 5 may Czech Republic Slovakia P1 1.45 Read more
SB. 5 may Norway Latvia ТМ4.5 2.166 - Read more
SB. 5 may Finland The Republic Of Korea P1 1.05 - about hockey" href="prognozy/hockey/finlyandiya-respublika-koreya-5-maya-2018-prognoz-i-stavki-na-chm-po-xokkeyu">Read more
SB. 5 may Denmark USA P2 7.9 - Read more
Sun. 6 may Austria Russia P2 - - Read more
Sun. 6 may Sweden Czech Republic - - Read more
Sun. 6 may Slovakia Switzerland P2 - - Read more
Sun. 6 may The Republic Of Korea Canada P2 - -
Sun. 6 may Germany Norway ТМ4.5 - - Read more
Sun. 6 may Latvia Finland P2 - - Read more
Mon. May 7</td> Belarus Russia P2 - - Read more
Mon. 7 may Sweden France P1 - - Read more
Mon. 7 may USA Germany P1 ng>- - Read more
Mon. 7 may Canada Denmark P1 - - Read more
W. May 8 Austria Slovakia P2 - - ref="prognozy/hockey/avstriya-slovakiya-8-maya-2018-prognoz-i-stavki-na-chm-po-xokkeyu">Read more
W. May 8 Czech Republic Switzerland P1 - - Read more
W. May 8 The Republic Of Korea Latvia P2 - - Read more
W. May 8 Finland P1 - -  Read more
CP. May 9 Switzerland Belarus P1 - - Read more
CP. May 9 Sweden Austria P1 - >- Read more
CP. May 9 Germany The Republic Of Korea P1 - - Read more
CP. May 9 Finland Denmark P1 - - Read more
Slovakia France P2 - - Read more
Thu. May 10 Czech Republic Russia P2 - - Read more
Thu. May 10 USA Latvia P1 - - Read more
Thu. May 10 Norway Canada P2 - - Read more
PT. May 11 France Austria P1 - - ncia – Austria, may 11, 2018, forecast and bet on the ice hockey world Championships" href="prognozy/hockey/francziya-avstriya-11-maya-2018-prognoz-i-stavki-na-chm-po-xokkeyu">Read more
PT. May 11 Belarus Czech Republic P2 - - Read more
PT. May 11 Denmark Norway P2 - - Read more
PT. May 11 USA P1 - - Read more
SB. May 12 Slovakia Sweden P2 - - Read more
SB. May 12 Austria Belarus P2 - Read more
SB. May 12 Russia Switzerland P1 - - Read more
SB. May 12 Latvia Germany P2 - - Read more
Denmark The Republic Of Korea P1 - - Read more
SB. May 12 Canada Finland P1 - - Read more
Sun. May 13 France Czech Republic - - Read more
Sun. May 13 Switzerland Sweden P2 - - Read more
Sun. May 13 Norway USA P2 - -  s="btn btn-primary btn-xs" title="Norway – USA, 13 may 2018, forecast and bet on the ice hockey world Championships" href="prognozy/hockey/norvegiya-ssha-13-maya-2018-prognoz-i-stavki-na-chm-po-xokkeyu">Read more
Sun. May 13 Germany Finland P2 - -  Read more
Mon. May 14 Russia Slovakia P1 - -  Read more
Mon. May 14 Czech Republic&nbsp; Austria P1 - -  Read more
Mon. May 14 The Republic Of Korea Norway P2 - -  Read more
Mon. May 14 Canada Latvia P1 - - Read more
W. May 15 Switzerland France P1 - -  Read more
W. May 15 Belarus Slovakia P1 - - Read more ng>
W. May 15 Russia Sweden P1 - - Read more
W. May 15 Finland USA P1 - - Read more
W. May 15 Canada Germany - - Read more
W. May 15 Latvia Denmark P1 - - Read more

It is already known that in the starting matches of the championship, Russians will play with the French, and the Canadians with the Americans. Will open the tournament the match the hosts – team Denmark will compete with the representatives of Germany.

News around the world hockey championship in 2018

Here you will find a lot of useful and important information about the upcoming tournament, which will be held from the fourth to the twentieth day of may in the two Danish cities of Copenhagen and Herning. Through our site you will always be informed about the form of each of the players, whennemausa part in the world Cup, even the slightest change in the schedule of the tournament, the coaching disturbances and shifts in the composition of teams. This information will help to keep your finger on the pulse, and, consequently, to draw the right conclusions and predict outcomes not only individual matches but also of the entire prvenstva in General.

The Russian hockey team at the Olympics-2018 nil
The Russian hockey team at the Olympics-2018 nil
Despite the hype around the visit of Russian athletes for the Olympic games in South Korea, the coach of SKA and Russian national team on hockey O. Znarok reacted philosophically to the news that athletes have to compete under a neutral flag.
The world Cup of hockey 2018: a Review of the forthcoming championship
The world Cup of hockey 2018: a Review of the forthcoming championship
World hockey championship is held each year in may, finishing the regular season. Despite the fact that before the start of the tournament is five months, interest.

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Rules and regulations

This time the key changes in the rules of the world Cup did not happen. First teams will clash among themselves in the group stage, the results of which four representatives of both "eights" will be released in the playoffs. The top two teams from last places in groups, will be relegated and go to the first division. The exception will be the national team of Slovakia as this team will be hosting the next world Cup, if it takes the last place in group A, instead in the class will be lowered hockey players, who took seventh place. The group winners will meet in the knock-out matches against the teams who finished fourth in the opposite "the eights". The teams that will be in the group stage in second, will compete with third teams from other groups. The teams, which are not lucky in the semi-finals, will have to fight for the bronze medal. And the two best teams in the tournament will compete for the silver and major awards.</p>

Favorites and underdogs

Bookmakers have now no hope for the success of the teams from Austria and South Korea. Too weak they look at the background of competitors. Also among the outsiders Slovaks and Belarusians, who frankly failed the 2017 world Championships. Most chances for gold medals this time are Canadians who have won two of three last world Championships, and the Russians, not only pleasing his confident game, but also regularly become prize-winners of tournament. And the competition traditionally will be Champions – the Swedes and the Finns, the Americans and the Czechs.