KM biathlon: Johannes Bo again leaves no chance Fourcade in the sprint

КМ по биатлону: Йоханнес Бо

KM biathlon: Johannes Bo again leaves no chance Fourcade in the sprint

In Annecy Johannes Bo once again shows the phenomenal result. In the sprint at the current biathlon world Cup he simply has no equal. It's the third time in a row finishing the first, leaving no chances to his main rival Martin Fourcade. And the Frenchman for the third consecutive time forced to settle for "silver" or "bronze" in the sprint race.

Third to the finish line got compatriot Fourcade – Anton Gehenna. On fourth place finished the sprint the German Simon Schempp. And on the fifth – another Frenchman, Simon Destie. Among the Russian athletes the best result is natural demonstrated Shipulin. Anton was only sixth.

Johannes Bo was again the best on the track. However, he has bypassed its main competitors in speed and accuracy that allowed him to take the gold. However, in the overall standings in men, yet still leader Fourcade. It many bookmakers and journalists considered the favorite KM biathlon prior to the competition. However, many of them have not considered how the excellent shape will be able to collect Bo. According to the Norwegian, he is willing to maintain this pace and not going to slow the speed to The winter Olympics in Pyongyang.

But Fourcade to his lead in the overall standings yet skeptical. After the end of the sprint race, he told reporters that Bo for him it is simply unattainable even at a zero rate of failures. However, the Frenchman is hoping that after Christmas he will be able to get in shape.

It should be noted that Anton Babikov managed to show the fifteenth result. And another group of Russians on the roster Loginov, Garanichev and Eliseev finished very amicably – at the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth positions respectively.


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