Bet on winter sports. The biathlon World Cup in 2018, Alpine skiing and ski racing

Ставки на зимние виды спорта. Кубок Мира по биатлону 2018

Bet on winter sports. The biathlon World Cup in 2018, Alpine skiing and ski racing

Winter sports are not the most popular among fans of betting, however, in the world and our country, they have enough fans, some of whom prefer to try their predictive ability in the confrontation with bookmaker.

Traditionally, each year for each of the sports is the World Cup represents a competition consisting of several stages taking place in various countries around the world. Begin the tournaments in the last third of November as the snow starts and ends in the spring. Thus, to be within five to six months of the year, supporting your favorite athletes, and analyzing the performance of the participants.

Where you can put

Today bets on winter sports offered by almost all bookmakers, including Russian legal BK. Given the fact that the competition are mostly individual sports fans invited to name the winner of a particular discipline or to determine who is invited in pairs athletes will take a higher place.

The main event this year

Among major tournaments are the most popular among winter sports, you can select:
The biathlon World Cup. This is the most popular of winter sports. In total during the season is nine stages. The first starts the 27th of November in Sweden, and the final race will be held in our Tyumen in the period 19-25 March next year. All stages are broadcast on TV, so watching them is not difficult.

World Cup in Alpine skiing. Another popular sport, but mostly in Europe. The Cup includes a total of 38 stages, taking the start in Austria for 28 October, and will start in Sweden March 18. Unfortunately, the Russians in this discipline are very modest.

Kuboto the World in ski racing. Skiing has always been popular, so gather enough fans. Live stages are often broadcast on TV. In total, the competition schedule 19 stages, the first of which will be held in Finland in the period of 24-26 February. The event will conclude in mid-March in Sweden.

Among other tournaments, albeit less popular, you can allocate the world Cups in ski jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle, snowboard, speed skating. Each of them also presents a large number of stages, beginning in November and continuing until March inclusive.

The main event of the season will be winter Olympics in South Korea. In the period 9-25 February, the whole world will be watching the performances of the best biathletes, skiers, hockey players, downhill skiers, ski jumpers, snowboarders, representatives of ski acrobatics, Luge and bobsleigh representatives of the skating sports.

Of course, will offer opportunities to bet on all these sports and representatives of all without exception bookmakers.

Features rates

It should be noted that the proposed winter kinds of odds are not the highest in the line of bookmakers, especially compared to a top football match, but their level is quite acceptable.

If we talk about the features of prediction, they are specific to the discipline and very hard to guess based on the individual performances of the athletes.


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